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Letter O Coloring Pages for Kids

Help kids practice the letter O with this set of free printable letter o coloring pages. We’ve got lots of letter O objects like owl and octopus included throughout these worksheets in activities like coloring if they are ready for that. Your kids will have a ball doing these activities all while building important early reading and writing skills.

New Even and Odd Worksheets Printable

Explore the difference between odd and even numbers while counting with your child. These odd and even numbers worksheets make early math lessons simple. First of all, children have to know the basic concept of numbers and how they were divided based on odd and even concepts. These print out these free even and odd worksheets to help your kids learn to understand and recognize even and odd numbers.  All worksheets are pdf files for easy printing. Scroll down to see and save the number worksheets.

Free Fun Number 4 Worksheets for Kindergarten

Get this printable collection of Number 4 Worksheets with tracing, coloring, and writing number 4 worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. Help your child practice counting, identifying, tracing, and writing number 4 with this printable worksheet. Here you will find a selection of number worksheets designed to help children learn to write number worksheets 4. Check out the number worksheets in the following images listed below.

Number 15 Worksheets to Print

Printable Number 15 worksheets which include tracing and coloring number 15 for preschool and kindergarten are available on this page. This collection of free number ten 15 worksheets and activities for preschool children will help your child practice counting, identifying, tracing, and writing number 15. A free printable worksheet on number 15 for preschool kids is just perfect for learning numbers. Enjoy the preschool number worksheets that help the kids to recognize numbers provided in the list below!

Letter I Worksheets Printable

Free preschool practice printable activity worksheets are available in the following images. These worksheets include good alphabet/letter exercises for children just starting to learn their letters. Don’t hesitate to print since our alphabet worksheets will help children practice early literacy skills. Check out the selection of letter i worksheets in the list below!

Printable Skip Count by 10 Worksheets

Here is a printable collection for teaching students to skip-count by 10. When your child needs more practice with his math skills, this printable skip count by 10 worksheet collection will help practice counting by 10’s. Skip counting by 10 is one way children can demonstrate the meaning of addition, and it also helps them recognize multiples of ten. The worksheets are provided in the following images!