Author: Elizabeth Marley

Free Kids Mazes Printable Puzzles

Playing maze will be one of kids’ favorite, and this time we have loads of printable simple free kids mazes. This maze section is our newest addition to the site and we hope you and your kids enjoy it. You can print out a maze or two for your kids to keep them stimulated and having fun. Below is a list of our free printable mazes for kids. To print out your maze, just click on the image you want to view and print the larger maze.

Animals Shaped Like Letters for Practice

A new printable collection of animal-shaped-like letters is available in the best quality that you can print and use as your children’s media in learning the alphabet. Letters of the alphabet are important to be learned by kids as an initial step to learn how to communicate. Knowing the type of alphabet is the main skill that must be learned in the early years of learning in school. These templates contain alphabet charts from A-Z that were created in animal shape to make it more interesting for your children to observe. The first one is posted in the following image.

Free Science Worksheets for Kids Fun

When your kids are ready to work on their science, try these free printable worksheets! Printable free science worksheets are available with various science exercises. These worksheets include biology, earth, and animals. Our free science worksheets give this challenge head-on by giving your child added tools to extend their science knowledge. Explore our themed science content reading passages to encourage student’s interest in a variety of science subjects. Each topic provides a variety of science worksheets to help you master science lessons.

Free Easy Math Worksheets for Kindergarten and Elementary

Free easy math worksheets printable are available for your kids who are in the beginning stage of learning math. You can boost your kids’ confidence and skill in math by giving them these simple math worksheets. These math worksheets are good for drills and basic knowledge and understanding. There are five math worksheets for your kids to work on. Scroll down to check out the worksheets posted below! Check out our free easy math worksheets in the following images!

Printable Fortune Teller Paper Game

A fortune teller is one of several good games to entertain your children or friends. This kind of game consists of an origami craft with parts of it are labeled with colors or numbers that serve as options for a player to choose from. On the inside of the origami, the craft is eight flaps, each concealing a message. This time the best printable fortune teller paper game templates have been prepared for you with many designs and messages that you can choose and print for your children. Check out the first template below!

Basic Basketball Crossword Puzzles

Available on this page is a collection of free and printable basketball crossword puzzles. Here you’ll find many printable crossword puzzles with basketball as the theme. Test your student’s grasp of basketball vocabulary with this challenging worksheet. Students will circle the correct word from the multiple-choice options for each definition. This crossword worksheets section contains free printable basketball worksheets that teachers can use at home or with their students. To solve the word search puzzle, you must find all of the words which relate to Basketball. The crossword puzzles are available in the following images below.

Easy Alphabet Practice Worksheets

Our free easy alphabet practice worksheets to print here will help children practice their early literacy skills like alphabet recognition. Letters and alphabet worksheets are important for preschool and kindergarten. This variety of free printable alphabet worksheets is perfect for use at home or in your kid’s early childhood education. Print these fun pages to review letters and practice proper letter formation. Includes recognizing and printing letters, explore our alphabet worksheets below!

Free Printable Coloring for Kids Fun

Discover a new set of free printable coloring for kids’ pages here! Have our collection of printable coloring pages is suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary kids. You can print and copy as many as you want to be used with your kids at home or classroom. These coloring pages are perfect to use for your coloring activity with the kids. Browse all of the coloring pages in the list below.