Author: Stephanie Burgess

Yahtzee Template

Ready to play Yahtzee but still doesn’t have the sheet? Check out the following printable Yahtzee templates that are available in best quality! These sheets will help you in scoring the game for each player. The templates are available below in some options.

Day in ASL Pictures

Printable charts of day in asl pictures that you can print and use as guides in learning how to tell about days in sign language. These charts are provided in high definition to make the pictures of the hand movement and gesture clearly shown. Some of the day asl charts are available with some other sign language gestures addition. Scroll down to the bottom and see all the sign gesture charts that we have in the following images!

Free Numbers 1-10 to Print

Hello guys! This time we have collected for your children printable free numbers 1-10 to help them learning about numbers. These number charts are provided as the media to learn about numbers from 1 to 10. Children can use these charts to memorize the orders of numbers. There are also several number charts worksheets that you can use to evaluate your children’s memorization. Check out the images posted below to see the number charts and worksheets!

Tracing A B C for Kindergarten

New free and printable collection of tracing a b c worksheets that you can save and print for your children are available in high definition! These tracing worksheets are made mainly with ABC tracing exercises to assist your children in sharpening their skill in alphabet writing. Check out the tracing worksheets posted below and to save them you just need to simply click on the image, enlarge, and right click!

Trace Number 1-20 Worksheet

Free and printable trace number 1-20 worksheets have been collected for your children! Learning number can be done in many ways, and one of them is by doing tracing activities. In this post, we will share to you several number 1-20 tracing worksheets that you can print and give to your children to help them learn about numbers. These worksheets are provided in the images posted below!

Letter F Worksheet Activities

Looking for Letter F Worksheet Activities for your children? This time we have prepared for you the best selections of letter F tracing worksheets that you can save and print for your kids. These tracing sheets are all available in printable quality. Check out these worksheets that we have provided below!

Reading Strategies Free Posters

Having problem habituating your kids to read? Reading is important for kids in order to enrich their knowledge. Children have to be encouraged to read more and more to allow them experience more things in life. For this reason, this time we will share to you several reading strategies free that they can use as a guidance and reference on how to learn reading properly. All the images posted below are the strategies that you can save and print for your kids!

Printable Reward Charts for Kids

Looking for the best printable rewards for your active and talented kids? This time we have a collection of printable reward charts for kids that you can print in larger size! Reward charts are usually used by parents to encourage their kids’ behavior that parents expect and discourage the ones that they do not want their kids to do. To see and save the reward charts printable, scroll down the page!

Tracing Numbers 1-10 Worksheet

The best selections of tracing numbers 1-10 worksheets are available in various designs for your children! Help your kids in sharpening and practicing their tracing their skills by using the following number tracing worksheets! These tracing worksheets are available in best quality that you can print and give to your children to help them learn about numbers. Check these pictures posted below!